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 Future Food Forum 2018, a joint effort of the State Food and Nutrition Consultant Committee (SFNCC), Advisory Committee on Nutrition Guidance (ACNG) of China National Food Industry Association. On December 4th, 2018, we continued to focus on the forces that are transforming the food sector, from innovations in technology, to ever-changing consumer expectations and tastes, to China’s new administration approaches to agricultural trade policy. This year’s Future Food Forum 2019 is an international networking event, bringing together food brands, scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and investors to showcase solutions, share ideas and create new alliances. The theme for this year is Transformative Collaborations to Revolutionize the Food Ecosystem. From personalized nutrition, to plant-based proteins and the role of food in health, defined the most effective routes to market and the collaborative partnerships needed to scale innovation, deliver the next generation of nutritious, affordable foods to all and drive the sector forward.

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